Build a web, desktop, mobile, or hardware project.


300+ Hackers

A hackathon open to all University and High School Students.

36 Hours

36 Hours

You've got 36 hours to make something awesome.


RevolutionUC is a college hackathon, hosted every semester at the University of Cincinnati. A hackathon is when people who are excited about programming come together for a weekend and collaborate to build cool things. Entrepreneurs, designers, and developers work in teams to create hacks and apps for web or mobile platforms - in our case, these creators are university students. Projects will be judged based on creativity, technical difficulty, polish, and usefulness.

CEAS Learning Center

Steger Student Life Center


RevolutionUC is open to all high school, undergraduate and graduate students, including freshmen! You don't have to attend the University of Cincinnati, be a computer science major, or even have previous hackathon experience! We will have tech talks beforehand so you can ramp up quickly. You can come with a team or come alone. We will have sessions to help people find team members and/or form teams, as well as idea workshops to help people think of ideas to work on for the hackathon. Best of all, no previous programming experience is required!


Laptop and charger, cellphone and charger, change of clothes, toothbrush. The only thing you need to worry about is your hack. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and plenty of drinks (including energy drinks) will be provided! If you want to sleep, make sure to bring your own pillow and blanket.

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Hosted by:


College of Engineering & Applied Science, University of Cincinnati


Friday (11/14)

6pm - Bring on the Sponsors!

7pm - YOU (hackers) arrive!

8pm - Opening Ceremony. And intro from our title sponsor: IT@UC.

9:30pm - Get your space set up! And some tasty pizza from our friends at Adriatico's.

10pm - Idea forming workshop and team building. (Optional)

11pm - HACKS ON HACKS! Hacking begins.

Saturday (11/15)

2am - Midnight snack! Cake pops provided by Major League Hacking.

8am - Breakfast! From the delicious Panera Bread.

1pm - Lunch by the tasty Currito Burrito.

7pm - Dinner! Alabama-Q.

Sunday (11/16)

1am - Delicious air popped POPCORN!

8am - Breakfast of tasty Panera!

11am - Your 36 Hours are up! Hacking ends.

11:01am - Lunch. Freaky fast... Jimmy John's!

12pm - Show us what you hacked! Demos.

2pm - Did you win? Closing ceremony (544/644 Baldwin).


Do I need an idea/team to sign up?

Nope! We'll be hosting an idea generation workshop to help people think of ideas to work on at the hackathon. So you should sign up regardless.

What if I don't have any experience?

We will have a top shelf team of veteran mentors to help you hit the ground running with ideas and guidance, plenty of opportunities to engage other talented and curious individuals like yourself and of course lots and lots of fun events right when you hit that rough patch. RevolutionUC, is a learning and sociable experience for people of all experience levels.

Where do we sleep?

We will have a space near our hacking area set aside for attendees that want to sleep. We'll be buying large amounts of Red Bull and other caffeinated drinks so hopefully you won't have to.

Where do we park?

Parking will be in the USquare East Garage.

What are some examples of projects?

Check out the submission gallery for last year's RevolutionUC and PennappsX!